Cosmopolitan: a new song [ENG]

A bit of history…

L’amore non esiste” (“Love does not exist”) is in fact our new concept-EP. It takes its name from one of the three songs that make it up and from the theme that links the pieces together as a fil rouge rouge comme l’amour (qui n’existe plus)!

Cosmopolitan” is the first excerpt from this EP. It is a highly autobiographical song and like all our songs it has 2 keys to read, the one manifested in clear letters in the text where the images of a summer of a few years ago flow, when I was in Imperia (Liguria – Italy) after a concert, on the beach at late in the evening, unable to experience a magical period of my existence and then, the most obscure reading key, that relating to the difficulty of risking, thanks to the fear we are wrong that often immobilizes us, preventing us from seizing the opportunities that life continually It presents.

Cosmopolitan” is a song that in the last two months has given us great expectations, but we must say, even a moment a bit ‘hard.

For a series of coincidences (you call them if you want … coincidences) this song ended up in the hands of a certain Ruslan Kvinta. A really strong and famous character in Ukraine. Producer both record and television. And he liked it. To the point of inviting us to an audition to enter the segment of Eurovision Ukraine – Євробачення Україна. Audition, however, that went very well.
Let’s say that for a month we were on tenterhooks, convinced that we would be able to participate in a program that would probably have changed our lives.

You can well imagine what it could mean for a unsigned band to end up in a transmission seen by millions of viewers invited by none other than one of the minds behind Ікс-Фактор (The X Factor Ukraine).

Unfortunately, the second half of January saw the lights go out on this possibility. Perhaps because of the simple fact that the bands of the final selection simply had stronger songs, perhaps because we were the only Italian band in the competition (we’ll never know this). The fact is that we have not been selected.

The piece, however, remains in our opinion one of the most beautiful that we have written until today.

For a thousand reasons that we are not here to explain the first version that we publish is the one in English, produced for the international contest mentioned above. In a month or so it will be available in high quality on all the main streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, etc. etc.).

Below we will also publish the Italian version, currently in the finishing phase.

We want to publicly thank Ruslan Kvinta, because even if we did not manage to take part in the final, the emotion of an audition in front of such a personality was strong. Despite all the concerts, we seemed to play for the first time. We were trembling like leaves … I must admit that it was beautiful, even just hoping. And I still consider it a great privilege that one of our songs has been noticed on the other side of the world.

I hope this piece can please you at least half as much as we like … as well as finding the favors of the Ukrainian public that has shown a great sensitivity to our music and that in fact was the main reason behind this version.

Turn off the lights and turn up the volume.

My Escort