Lost In The Sun

E’ ora online il videoclip di “Lost In The Sun”, secondo capitolo del progetto “Parentesi Estive” nonchè versione in inglese dell’omonima canzone.


“LOST IN THE SUN” is the english version of “PARENTESI ESTIVE”, the single that accompany the first part of of the homonymous project related by the band of Vicenza, Italy.

Concurrently with the first of the three parts of a concept that in addition to the musical part will include a short film, the song in question faces the unrest generated by the flow of the time

“Lost in the sun” symbolizes the light, the woman, the heat, the expansiveness, the joy, and the yellow, emphasizing the idea of ​​falling in love and happiness entangled, however, with the hypothesis that things might end, with awareness of the fall of the existence, of the thought that as beautiful as ever, all things come sooner or later to confront the opposites and just because they are filled with wonder, fears arise for their conclusion. The female presence, however, infuses the concept – known in psychology – of security, of a circle within which things live protected. The rest of the story will be unveiled at the end of summer.

“We have always talked of real experiences, made of names and surnames, places and seasons, writing in a clearly autobiographical way, going to fish from precise episodes of my existence (Alex). For the first time, it was decided to tackle a concept through a more articulate story, a sum of experiences.
The parentheses of which the title of the single and the project itself speaks are opened in May and will close at the end of summer. They will have a meta-narrative that will dress like a summer story in which anyone could recognize, certainly us that are the authors. We bring to the scene the frivolous and lightweight concept of a summer relationship with its dreamy and cheerful start, and on the other side the closure it in the shadow and melancholy of the farewell that catches those who lived it, finding themselves again to remember it, pervading the sensations accompanied from the early semptember’s cold.
There is also a shadow side, less obvious, hidden in the folds of the song: bitterness for the passage of time, the leitmotif often present in our work. Finally, the whole project, complete with all the parts we are going to find out with the passing of months, it would also represent the duality of man / woman”